Illustrated Story Books Are The Best...

I love books. ALL types of books. Most of all illustrated story books. I ask you, "Where else can you read a whole book in one sitting, view beautiful artwork worthy of being hung in a gallery, get a good belly laugh (or good cry depending on the story), and learn a life lesson?" An illustrated story book of course!

Love. Love. Love them! I take the little guy to the library every three weeks and we check out about 25 story books...we read and re-read them until time to return them. On top of doing that there are still books I end up buying, so we have a nice little library of children's books I've collected over the past 23 years. Started the collection when we were expecting our oldest son. When the little guy "thinks" he has outgrown picture books I am positive my favorite pasttime will continue to be finding the latest children's books available to feed my creative soul. When my boys have children someday I will have an ever growing children's library from which they may read until their little hearts content.

Having drawn and painted my whole life I started writing when I was 12, and never stopped. It's always been my dream to write and illustrate children's books. Life however gets in the way when you let it. Add to that a non-belief in yourself, and it will derail you everytime. It's never too late though. Even if it is 25 years after you wanted to start living your dream. So...with a lot of confidence gained over the last 22 years I have set out on a journey. The one where I write and illustrate books and inevitably get rejection letters, but from which I will rise and try again.

You may be asking, "Where is she going with this?" Well...I'm leading up to a book we added to our collection..."Crafty Chloe" written by Kelly DiPucchio (an author new to me but who I will look for from now on) and illustrated by Heather Ross (I have been following her at heatherrossdesigns.com for a few years now). Shown here atop our "lounging" turtle. Which at any given time you can find the little guy laying his head to read a book.

A lovely story with beautiful and very colorful illustrations. It is a story I can relate to, having created gifts for family and friends through the years. The insecurities felt about anything you have created can be daunting, until the recipient opens it and gives their reaction. Add to those insecurities a negative influence and the self doubt doubles. Have I said enough to peek your interest? I hope so...this is a book to be read by ALL children, not just girls. Adults also will appreciate the story which may speak to their own insecurities. Hope you find it as enjoyable as we (I) did.

Until next time...try to live. love. learn...in the moment.

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Barb Straub said...

Oh yes, I agree. Illustrated story books are the best. I can still remember stories from childhood because of the illustrations. You read that book and those images are there for life! Black Beauty is one that comes to mind for me.