Here We Go...

Here I am. I have been decluttering my house for the last several days. One small area at a time. As they say, "Baby steps". We have 27 years worth of stuff, and I am so tired of it that finally I am determined to not let anything get in the way of decluttering and clearing all the unused stuff out!

I will admit that most of the clutter is mine. I am a book-a-holic, so we have a not so small library in our basement. I have all kinds and colors of fabrics and threads as well as the quilting books and patterns to go with it all. I have all the usual fine art supplies for watercolor, oil, and acrylic painting (books included). I started out cross stitching years ago. My yarn stash, knitting books, and knitting needles could rival a small yarn shop's inventory. I used to sell rubber stamps for a well known stamping company, for which I had to keep a well stocked supply to demonstrate at parties (this turned into scrapbooking). Then there are all the other odds and ends used in creating arts and crafts, which I have aquired through the years. Did I mention my collection of cookbooks?

I have always been a person who likes to create things. Ever since I was a little girl sitting at my mom and grandmother's feet, playing with buttons, scraps of fabric, and thread, while they sewed clothing for themselves and me. I was encouraged to use my hands to make something from nothing. I caught on quickly and never let go.

As much joy as I have gotten over the years out of making things, all the "stuff" has become a touchy subject in my family. I have also finally become tired of looking at all the piles of clutter. I am on a mission in such a way that I have never been before. I am putting my family's well being, and my own, first for a change. Don't get me wrong, when it comes to important issues I have always done that, but I also have always put other "fun" things first. No more...it has started to affect my mood, my husbands mood, and because of our moods it trickles down to the boys.

It will take a while, you know, it took the last at least 18 years to get this way so it won't be cleared out over night, but it will be cleared out sooner than later.I am actually enjoying getting rid of things. I look at it as making way for a restful environment, more time for fun family outings with a clear mind, and more time for creating with my little guy who loves art as much as his momma.

Here we go...