Better to Have a Hard Time than No Time...

Okay. It's been a week since we moved my oldest off to college, and I am still alive. We do miss him terribly, but have talked to him daily. We didn't call today. I thought I would give him a chance to call us. Of course, there was no call because I am sure he is thoroughly enjoying being on his own. That's okay because I know we did a good job of raising him to be an independent, strong and self reliant person. So Yay!

Our little guy however has had a little bit of a hard time adjusting to his big brother being gone. The university is 2 1/2 hours away. When we were driving back home last Saturday, he cried and sobbed, and sobbed and cried, the whole drive back! It was heart breaking...I didn't think he would take it so hard. It was an adventure until it came time to leave and he realized his brother wasn't coming back home with us. Honestly, we did not keep it a secret that we were moving him away to college. I know he is 5 but I thought he knew what we were talking about.

Him and I had a very busy day at home today. Homemade scones turned into a full fledged tea with mix matched china, the scones with butter and strawberry jam, a nice pot of tea, and strawberries with whipped cream. All very delicious! After our impromtu tea he headed out with his dad to play in the beautiful snow we got yesterday. All in all it was a very relaxing and very happy day.

My decision to "love the moment" has been serving me well. I am less stressed over things that I normally would fret about. I even had a laugh at work the other day over a moment that normally would have been very infuriating to me. I just keep my new mantra of "love the moment" in the forefront of my mind. I heard my dad say something to a customer on the phone and it was like a lightbulb moment to me...he was listening to a customer complain about how hard he had had it lately and his response to him was, "better to have a hard time than no time". I wrote it down so I wouldn't forget it! This is so true...


Love the Moment...Whatever it May Be...

I am, at this moment in time, sitting in a hotel room after spending the day moving my oldest away to college for the first time. He has been at the local community college for the last 5 semesters, and transferred for the Spring 2010 semester to an in state University, 2 1/2 hours away from home.

I am so excited for him, but at the same time sad to see him gone from our home. My little one, who is only in kindergarten, is gonna miss his big brother terribly. We cleaned, and set up, and decorated, and washed things for 6 hours! It all came together very nicely however. The color theme for his room and bathroom is black, charcoal gray, and eggplant, with touches of stainless. Very urban chic, it is. He has always had a flair for the more dramatic color scheme.

After finishing up we enjoyed a simple dinner of pizza and soda pop from our favorite Eastern Shore pizzeria. Pepperoni, sweet peppers, and extra cheese! Yummy...

Tomorrow morning we will finish up by making a trip to the local Target, Home Depot, and grocery store for the neccessary amenities, food, and a fan for his bedroom. Then off we will go on the return journey home.

He has gone from kindergarten to a junior in college in the blink of an eye...much faster than I would have ever imagined. Life does fly by at a very unpredictable pace!

I keep reminding myself to "love the moment" whatever it may be...you don't know what the next moment may bring.