Quilting Class Sample...

A few posts ago I mentioned I would be teaching at my local quilt shop. This is what I am teaching this go 'round. Class starts tomorrow evening and goes for 5 weeks. I am so excited to be teaching again! My mind has been whirling with so many new class ideas that I had to start a list to keep track of them all. I am writing all my ideas in a little notebook and making all kinds of notes. I think I have enough ideas to fill a whole year of classes already. So fun just seeing what pops up in my imagination.

This is one area I know I can create whatever I dream up...other areas of creativity not so much. I am sure playing with fabric is just in my blood. My mom and both grandmother's sewed all the time. They sewed clothes, curtains, quilts (my grandmother's quilted), you name it they could sew it.

My mom didn't have the quilting bug though, well not until she saw an appliqued quilt she wanted me to make her. I told her if she wanted that quilt I would teach her to make it herself (I had made her quilts and other quilted items, and wanted her to learn quilting so we could do it together). She took me up on the challenge and so her applique quilt got made and she was hooked...tee hee. She joined the quilt guild I was a member of and by passed me in quilting! That's okay though. I was working full time and she was retired by then. It has been so fun sharing quilting with her and my mother-in-law (who asked me to teach her how to make quilts about 6 months later) for the last 20 years.

The first block includes two applique technique's...freezer paper on back side of fabric (sugar bowl), and freezer paper on top (creamer).

The applique technique for the second block is reverse applique.

Cut and stitch is the method for block number three.

Last block is done with needle turn applique.

Each block is framed with the same fabric used in the applique. This shows where they intersect in the center of the quilt top.

And here is the whole view of the finished top...haven't decided on how it will be quilted yet.

So I am set to teach once again. I just hope I haven't gotten too rusty talking in front of a group of people. Have always been kind of an observer...

Have a wonderful week...living. loving. learning...in the moment


Barb Straub said...

Oh so cute! Love the fabrics and design! Can't wait to hear how your first class goes! Have a blast and best wishes!

simplybysandi said...

thank you...it was fun to make, and class was interesting...also fun!