I am Stuck...

I've got to write a query letter for my writing class, for an article I haven't even written yet. I'm finding it very difficult. I may have to write the article then the letter. It's like writing fiction for me, writing a letter about something that hasn't been written yet, and I am no good at fiction writing. We had dinner with friends (three other couples) last night. It was fun, but I had this writing assignment in the back of my mind the whole time...ugh! I love the class though, and am learning a lot. There is more to nonfiction publishing than I realized. However, when it is broken down step by step, like is being done in this class, it makes it all seem possible. I would not have known where to start on my own otherwise. Thursday, a few people had their query letters and read them aloud. It was quite intimidating. They were all very well written. This week we are finishing those up, and are to send them to a magazine editor. The next assignment is the article that was proposed in the letter. This is the easy part of the assignment in my opinion.

On the home front, we are supposedly going to have a significant snowfall here in the next couple of days. I hope we actually get a good amount of snow, that will stick around for a few days. What usually happens is a little snow, then immediately after rain follows melting it all. When you have a little guy who just wants to play in the snow you wish for it. I think I will set up my writing area this evening. I'll post some before and after photos if I do.

I'm off to write a query letter...wish me luck.


Each One of Us is Unique with Something to Offer the World...

Just returned from my writing class, so inspired I don't know where to start with the assignment for next week. The one real focal point that the instructor keeps trying to drive home with everyone in the class is do your research. Research, research, and research some more. In other words know the market. I had an idea what magazines I wanted to query, but a couple of them are not publishing the type of articles I would lean toward writing. There is a lot of reading and comparing to be done, between the different magazines out there. I love nonfiction. It lends itself so easily to so many topics. Every person has a story to tell that would be of interest to someone else("Experience is the best teacher" and all that)...when I started thinking about some of the experiences of my life it amazed me, because I realized I am a stronger person than I ever thought I was. Not only stronger, but smarter than I've given myself credit for, or anyone else has ever given me credit for.

Condoleeza Rice, was recently on a talk show speaking about what she is going to do now that she is the former Secretary of State. She was also talking about what incredible parents she had growing up and she referred to them as "Extraordinarily ordinary". Each of us is unique in our life experiences, and if we have the ability to convey that into the written word then all the better. We should all use our God given talents, whatever they may be (extraordinary or ordinary), by turning them into something for the betterment, of ourselves, others, and possibly the world outside of our immediate daily surroundings. Someone, somewhere, will be touched by what we have to say.


1st Step (a very small step) to Starting My Writing Career

I am taking a nonfiction writing class at my local college, and part of the homework for class last week was to submit something to Reader's Digest. I submitted an original quote this evening...so, we'll see... Supposedly it is a real task to get anything published in their magazine. It may be that they have a regular staff of writer's. I collect quotes but I also write my own original one's, too. A good quote can say quite a lot in just a few choice words.

I actually wear the quote I submitted, on a hand stamped silver bracelet that a dear friend made for me for Christmas. I had sent her the quote a while ago, and the bracelet showed up with a note saying it was a gift. (So thoughtful!) The website for her business is http://www.mountaingirlsilver.com/. Go over and check it out. There are really beautiful silver jewelry pieces there. If you do order anything please let her know Sandi sent you. I don't get anything for promoting her work. It's just my way of sending the love back to E...Thanks!


Here we go. I am starting this blog not being sure what the main focus will be. It may start out as a blog following my adventures writing my first book. We'll see...I am thinking it will be maybe 3 posts a week at first, until I get into the swing of keeping a regular blog. I am into so many things it's hard to choose. For now it may be a hodge podge of posts at first. It will fall into place as I write I'm sure. However, I am definitely going to be joining Marta from www.martawrites.blogspot.com on 2.23.09 for her "writing 101 project". Thanks for joining me on my new adventure...