I Finally Have Photos...

After much trial and error I have figured out how to upload photos from my camera memory card...it helped to load the camera software onto my computer (I've only had the camera since last September 2008)! I do not claim to be a technology wiz so...

This is a short post tonight. It is late and I am off to bed. I will get this blog up to par soon.

Have a very restful and pleasant night.

Woo Hoo!!! I finally have photos!!!


Taking It in a Different Direction...

I have been doing a lot of thinking and self reflection the last few months, and decided some things in my life were in need of change. I feel like I have been bombarded with negativity. Some put on me by others, and some I put on myself. I made the decision to cut ties with certain negative people who are toxic to everyone around them. The kind of negativity that when you are around them you literally start to feel bad. People you are not able to be yourself around, because they take everything you say and twist it into something negative. Life is too short to waste time trying to measure up to some impossible standard someone else has set for everyone but themselves.

I would like to have more joy and laughter in my life. Instead of dwelling on how I wish things were, I am going to focus on the good things right in front of me. The moments of everyday life that are often overlooked. I am going to look for the joy and laughter, the sunlight and love, the kindness and warmth. No more dreading the mundane jobs of housekeeping. I am going to find the joy in even the smallest of things. How things feel, smell, sound, taste, and look. Whatever makes me smile is what will get my attention.

Seeing and hearing the negative in the news everyday is bad enough. I do have a choice of how much I let into my everyday life, and I choose less... much, much less!

I am in denial you say? No, I am finally learning at 47 years of age that I don't have to put up with certain things. Negativity for no reason, is one of the things I am not willing to put up with any longer. I don't like mean people and I don't have to put up with anyone being mean to me or others I care about. I am not a mean person and would feel horrible if I ever hurt another person's feelings. I have seen so much of this behavior lately and it is very discouraging. All people deserve to be treated with respect and love.

My favorite quote is, "Be happy in this moment for this moment is your life". I am going to take this to heart and remind myself of it everyday. As a result I am going to rethink this blog and will be taking it and my attitude in a different direction...a much more upbeat and positive direction.