Just Words for Now...

I have no idea why my computer which is only a year old has decided to stop accepting new photos I try to upload. It is very annoying, especially since I would very much like to put up some Christmas photos, among others. So it's going to be just words for right now...

Today was a rather nice day...my little guy and I had an appointment at his dentist office first thing this morning, then we proceeded to do exactly and only what we really wanted to do for the rest of the day.

We left the dentist office and went to the local bagel shop for bagels, chocolate milk, and coffee, followed by a little shared newspaper reading...the style and comic sections of the Washington Post. Next we made our way across the parking lot to our favorite place...a bookstore (the exception being an ice skating rink). We perused shelf after shelf full of glorious books for about 3 hours! I kid not...we are true book addicts...came away with the complete Laura Ingalls series. Once we left there we went across the highway to both of the craft & hobby stores in our area...we had three 50% off coupons to make use of, and that we did.

The little boy who sat across from his momma reading the newspaper today, has grown all too quickly from a newborn babe to a seven year old. I want to savor every single moment I can with him...I know first hand that these days will be only a sweet memory years from now. His big brother, now 22, grew up way too fast. When I look back on that time with him I am so grateful that I had the forethought to really pay attention and be in the moment. I have so many sweet memories because I did pay attention and lived every single moment to the fullest with him. I feel so blessed to be able to do this all over again.

It will be a new year in about 25 hours from now. I plan on starting the new year the same way I am ending the old one...by living loving learning in the moment.

If you don't do anything except be present in the new year on a daily basis, then you will have done everything! God Bless You and Happy New Year!


It's Getting Closer...

He had the most lengthy conversation I have ever seen anyone have with Santa...he asked him how he became Santa. He was listening so intently. I couldn't hear what Santa was saying to him, but I got the complete story several times in the days following his visit. I do think that is the longest he has ever sat that still while awake...well, with the exception of the first time we took him to see The Nutcracker at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC when he was 4. I had to keep checking to see if he was awake, because from the time it started he was so mesmerized by it that he didn't move a muscle or make a peep.

We are just about ready for the big day...have lots of fun things left to do...I have the neccessary things done, but we enjoy the doing right up to the day. Even after the day we are so still in the spirit of Christmas that we continue listening to Christmas music, watching Christmas movies, and making Christmas crafts.