Random Peeks Into A Busy Saturday...

Just a little randomness on a Saturday. He is up way too early most days...was able to coax him into staying in bed until 7am this morning...woohoo! He was slightly excited for today to get here. Ball practice starts, soccer team party, library trip, oh my! Was great fun I have to admit...even though about a week ago I thought we were going to have a free day today, because there was nothing on the calendar. Then poof! The day is filled without me realizing what's happening...ugh! The running gets to me...sometimes.

Busy creating at all times...got to love it!

First ball practice of the season...first thing this morning...(yaaawn!)tired.

A basket full of picture books fresh from the library.

Just baked "Hot Choco Pots"...a Nigella Lawson recipe...a fantastic mix of brownie like goodness with pudding center...hard to control yourself not to eat them all.

Ending a busy day in a totally slow and relaxing way...storybook tea time.

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Barb Straub said...

It is the same with my guy. He He! Just when you think the day is free, he tells me all of the things he has planned! Never a dull moment here either!

Love that pile of books and the teapot!