Wow! A Year Is Not Long...

I cannot believe it has been a whole year since my last blog post! I have not intentionally abandoned my blog, I just get so side tracked that time flies by without me realizing it until it is too late.

A year! Wow! I have actually done some things in that year...I'm just about finished knitting a really cool sweater. A good friend and I have been doing a knit along since February '14. She has already finished and blocked her sweater, and has worn it a few times. One of them being yesterday. We went to a little Indian restaurant about 15 minutes from my house for lunch. The food was delicious and very reasonably priced too.

My youngest swims for the Naval Academy Aquatics Club swimteam now, so we are on the road constantly for swim practice, and meets are about 2 a month. We love it though. So does he.

Christmas and New Year's were great...we did nothing! We slept in, did whatever we wanted, and were just in the moment of whatever was going on. It was such a relaxing and quietly enjoyable time. Two whole weeks school was closed!

I am looking forward to getting my house in order and getting organized in all other areas of my life. Just so very tired of not being organized to the point that I am willing to get rid of just about anything (shhh. don't tell my husband that part) to be totally in control of it all in a simple simple way.

Time for bed...one of the many things I am working on...getting enough shut eye each night. Good night!