I am Stuck...

I've got to write a query letter for my writing class, for an article I haven't even written yet. I'm finding it very difficult. I may have to write the article then the letter. It's like writing fiction for me, writing a letter about something that hasn't been written yet, and I am no good at fiction writing. We had dinner with friends (three other couples) last night. It was fun, but I had this writing assignment in the back of my mind the whole time...ugh! I love the class though, and am learning a lot. There is more to nonfiction publishing than I realized. However, when it is broken down step by step, like is being done in this class, it makes it all seem possible. I would not have known where to start on my own otherwise. Thursday, a few people had their query letters and read them aloud. It was quite intimidating. They were all very well written. This week we are finishing those up, and are to send them to a magazine editor. The next assignment is the article that was proposed in the letter. This is the easy part of the assignment in my opinion.

On the home front, we are supposedly going to have a significant snowfall here in the next couple of days. I hope we actually get a good amount of snow, that will stick around for a few days. What usually happens is a little snow, then immediately after rain follows melting it all. When you have a little guy who just wants to play in the snow you wish for it. I think I will set up my writing area this evening. I'll post some before and after photos if I do.

I'm off to write a query letter...wish me luck.

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