1st Step (a very small step) to Starting My Writing Career

I am taking a nonfiction writing class at my local college, and part of the homework for class last week was to submit something to Reader's Digest. I submitted an original quote this evening...so, we'll see... Supposedly it is a real task to get anything published in their magazine. It may be that they have a regular staff of writer's. I collect quotes but I also write my own original one's, too. A good quote can say quite a lot in just a few choice words.

I actually wear the quote I submitted, on a hand stamped silver bracelet that a dear friend made for me for Christmas. I had sent her the quote a while ago, and the bracelet showed up with a note saying it was a gift. (So thoughtful!) The website for her business is http://www.mountaingirlsilver.com/. Go over and check it out. There are really beautiful silver jewelry pieces there. If you do order anything please let her know Sandi sent you. I don't get anything for promoting her work. It's just my way of sending the love back to E...Thanks!

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