Warm and Cozy Day at Home...

Chuck roast with veggies and gravy in the oven, fire in the fire place, wooly slippers on, bread rising...today has been a full one with errands done early, and dinner in the oven to roast all day. I love days like this, when you putter about all day just doing things on a whim. Things that need to be done, things you do as you see them in passing, on your way from or to doing something else.

Yesterday was a nice and unexpected break. It was my Friday off from work, and schools were unexpectedly closed for the day. We did not leave the house all day! Waking up with a migraine wasn't in the plan, but a trip back to bed with a steamy wash cloth over my face, sleeping a bit more, and taking a nice warm shower upon waking did the trick. It's been a while since I had a bad one, and there was no warning before hand. All in all though, the day was a welcome retreat.

Bought our Christmas cards at 70 percent off while out this morning. I am excited to have them done by November 1st, so we can mail them out the day before Thanksgiving like we use to do. I would like to write a personal message to each family, but when we are last minute and rushing, like we were this year, that becomes a bit difficult. I'm planning on writing 7 each month up through October. I've never thought of it as a chore, and haven't missed a Christmas yet! Not in 31 years...since getting married in 1982. It is a tradition we don't want to stop, because that is a big part of what Christmas is about, staying in touch with the people we care most about, letting them know they matter, and they are thought of often. Even those we see and talk to on a regular basis are left with a good feeling after receiving a lovely card meant just for them. Many people have stopped sending Christmas cards, and there are many who haven't. Postage is high that's for sure, and it's about to go up again! I feel like it is a very small price to pay though. Keeping in touch is priceless.

Warm and cozy at home is where we are at right now. Away from the rest of the world, doing, planning, cooking, dreaming, and renewing our souls for another day, another week, another month, all leading into another year of living. Hoping your time at home or where ever you happen to be is warm and cozy. If not in temperature, then at least in your heart and soul.

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