Extending the Magic of Christmas...

Another Christmas gone by...well, that is if you don't take into account that today is actually the 11th day of Christmas! The 11th day of Christmas you say? Yes, the 12 days of Christmas are actually the 12 days following Christmas Day, ending on January 6th. Everyone just assumes that it is the 12 days leading up to Christmas Day.

At our house the stockings are still hung, the Christmas lights still on, the tree is up and decorated (didn't get it decorated until the day before Christmas Eve, but that's another story in itself) lights shining bright, Christmas music fills the air, we are watching at least one or two Christmas movies an evening, and I am stretching the gingerbread cookies as far as they will possibly go. Which by the way, may take us into February, considering I am only decorating/icing them one and a half dozen at a time! And to think, I was so worried about having gingerbread cookies baked but not decorated in time for Christmas Day! I'm thinking this is our new tradition...get them all baked (all 185 of them), then make enough icing for all of them and put the icing on them in small batches, one or one and a half dozen at a time, once a week or so.

We absolutely love Christmas because of all these things...the things that are fun to do as a family. It's a celebration of love and friendship, of warmth and giving, of all things kind and joyful. Our hearts are more open during this time of year, so why wouldn't we want to extend all those wonderful feelings, and to keep celebrating the birth of Jesus. He after all is the reason for all of it, the one who we celebrate. So, in trying to extend Christmas we are reminding ourselves over and over of God's infinite love for us all. Trying to hold on tight to these moments of pure delight and joy reminds us to carry it through the year...carry it in our heart and soul for all who we come into contact with, even during our most harried days.

If you too are wishing for everyday to be like Christmas, then make it so...treat every ordinary day as though it is Christmas Day. Fill your heart with joy, your eyes with light, and the air with beautiful music...the sounds of laughter, singing, and praise for He who made the world possible.
Extend the magic of Christmas, and feel the blessings of each and every ordinary, but also extraordinary day you are given...choose to live with hope and joy, and the promise of God's undying love.

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