Updates to Come...

Things have been very busy all summer...I have not been posting as much as I would like to. Since school has started back things are a little more scheduled now. Getting back into routines has been challenging...we are total summer people. We enjoy the relaxed schedules and days of doing nothing but playing, swimming, reading, painting, traveling, etc...

There are a few updates to come. I have many "irons in the fire" (code for personal and family projects). I am at the point in my life when doing it all is not working any longer. It is a struggle deciding what to let go of, and what to keep. There are many personal projects I want to complete, but not at the expense of time spent with my little. He is growing so fast just as our older son did...sometimes I believe it is in fact much faster. So, I am looking more toward projects we can enjoy together. He is such a funny little guy. So much like me that it is scary. The 22 year old is just like me in many of my good ways, and the little one (7 yrs) is just like me in some of my not so good ways. So we really need to work on that.

Since it is Friday, I am going to post a photo of a moment I want to remember...see www.soulemama.typepad.com. Then sometime in the next couple of weeks there will be updates with photos to cover the last couple of months.

My beautiful Drew, on his 21st birthday last year...he loves music...plays all the time. His soul is music to my heart always.

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