Random Posts...

For a little while there will be random posts, here and there. There are quite a few photos and happenings from this summer.

We are now into the school year full swing, as I am sure everyone is...homework, rushing out the door in the morning, earlier bedtimes, and on, and on...missing summer already. I have however, been able to make it to a few art festivals. I am feeling really inspired to start painting again, among many other things. I love art and seeing what others are doing just gets my creative juices flowing like crazy!

Below are a few things I found at the art festivals I have attended recently...I love baskets and I love pottery! (Have been taking basket weavings classes since February this year...my next endeavor shall be to learn pottery.)

The larger basket holds four of my current knitting projects with room to spare...I love it! The man I bought the baskets from is from Ghana. He has been in the US for about 30 years...was a professional soccer player when he first came here, and when he retired from that he started making these traditional elephant grass baskets to sell. They are the same as the ones you can find online at fair trade sites. It is amazing to watch him weave them...he has recently accepted a position with the professional soccer organization back in Africa, and will be leaving the states to return home. It was truly a priviledge to meet him...he is a very kind and joyful person. Good luck and safe travels to you Mohammad Attiah!

Attended an awesome heirloom harvest festival at Thomas Jefferson's home (Monticello, in Charlottesville, Virginia) weekend before last. I am already planning my vegie garden for next spring, summer, and fall. Also, thinking about planting some berry plants...strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries. I am definitely addicted to growing my own food now. Very satisfying.


Cottage Remnant said...

we tried growing our own food....good think for grocery stores....LOL

simplybysandi said...

yes, i know what you mean. it certainly was a learning experience this summer. we are planning on expanding the garden this coming summer 2012. cannot wait. i really miss it.