Snowy Day...Happy Creative Play...

Another snow swept through our area today. The second one in less than a week, kept us indoors again. We managed to keep busy...very busy!

An early morning photography session of the near blizzard conditions...I understand records are being broken for the area we live in. There hasn't been this much snow in one winter season since the 1800's...not sure of the exact year.

More Valentine's being made...these are for his kindergarten class. Butterflies and birds for the girl's and robots for the boy's.

A yummy crusty bread fresh from the oven...my favorite with butter and honey.

A new crocheted hat was requested...stitched up in about 2 hours. I hadn't crocheted anything for about 23 years! I learned how to knit that long ago and gave up my hook...not intentionally. I learned to crochet at 10 years old and crocheted everything imaginable. I had forgotten how easy, fun, and quick crocheting is.

And last but not least...a beautiful new painting, done together after watching a few painting dvd's. We love the colors. I see many more collaborations in the near future! Happy Day...

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