It's Getting Closer...

He had the most lengthy conversation I have ever seen anyone have with Santa...he asked him how he became Santa. He was listening so intently. I couldn't hear what Santa was saying to him, but I got the complete story several times in the days following his visit. I do think that is the longest he has ever sat that still while awake...well, with the exception of the first time we took him to see The Nutcracker at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC when he was 4. I had to keep checking to see if he was awake, because from the time it started he was so mesmerized by it that he didn't move a muscle or make a peep.

We are just about ready for the big day...have lots of fun things left to do...I have the neccessary things done, but we enjoy the doing right up to the day. Even after the day we are so still in the spirit of Christmas that we continue listening to Christmas music, watching Christmas movies, and making Christmas crafts.

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