A Post a Day...

Okay, so I am not the most prolific blog posting person on the internet. I am going to conduct a little challenge with myself...I challenge me to post every day for the entire month of June 2011, with at least one photo. The photo may or may not have anything whatsoever (is that one word?) to do with the post...We will see what comes out...tee hee.

This week has been very busy so far. Nothing noteworthy, unless you count fertilizing the vegie garden (will have up to date pics after tomorrow), getting my statements in the mail in record time today at work, or starting a diet...well, not a diet but a life change in my eating habits with the goal being to get in shape and lose about 35 pounds. Whew! Run on sentence!

My boys are into summer full swing. My college age son and all his friends are home from school for the summer. Working, swimming, and playing music seem to be the main events on the agenda for them right now. We had a concert downstairs on Sunday evening. After feeding them tacos for dinner they proceeded to entertain us with awesome music...they are quite good together as a group. A little classic rock (AC DC "Back in Black") was played as well as a rather eclectic arrangement of song choices from different genres of music.

My little one is still in school until the 20th, but has started swim team practice as of yesterday. He is planning his birthday events, which is 4 weeks from today, and is about to drive us nuts. I think he has finally settled on Hershey Park for the day with family friends. I am sure whatever we end up doing will be fun for all involved.

I do have a little (read huge) before and after house/photo project going on right now...more on that later.

Off to do some housework now, and start a new knitting project I plan on having finished for vacation in 6 weeks.

School is almost out...Hurray!!!

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