Perspective About Life Becomes So Clear...

Wow...it has been two whole months since my last post. So much has gone on in that time. Drew, our oldest has been accepted to a four year college of his choice, we have been to Disney World, celebrated Thanksgiving, started getting ready for Christmas, and sadly Drew just lost his best friend on Sunday. The funeral will be this Friday, and Drew will be writing and delivering an eulogy at his funeral.

I cannot believe this has happened again. Josh, was the most beautiful young person in every way. He lit up the room whenever he was around. He was happy go lucky, always smiling, kind, very personable, polite, and a funny person. He had a sincere and honest spirit about him, was very good with little ones, and had a very distinctive skip to his walk. In a good way of course. Whenever I would ask Drew as he was going out the door, "Where are you off to?", more time's than not it has been "I'm going to Josh's". He was just one of those people to whom everyone was drawn to. You know the person you really enjoy being around, but you can't explain it. It just is. He will be dearly missed by many people, but at the top of that list is my son. My heart breaks for him, knowing that there is nothing I can do to ease the pain of such a devastating loss.

As I watch him mourn his best friend it is very humbling to realize what a sensitive and empathetic young man he has become. The little boy I have been raising for the last two decades of my life is no longer. In his place is a confident, calm, and compassionate grown up. Who until very recently I was worried about being able to handle the sometimes cold, harsh realities of life. How relieved I am to realize there is no longer a need to worry. I am confident he is going to be just fine, and I can now become the mom to him that is also his friend and confidant. We have always, I am proud and honored to say, been very close and have always had an open and honest relationship. Being able to talk with your child about anything in life that could possibly come up, is the best possible goal a parent could hope to attain.

It is in times of sorrow, such as these, that your perspective about life becomes so clear...sleep well dear Josh...You will be missed by many.

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